Brendan Burns

Oro Valley Town Councilman Brendan Burns.

By Randy Metcalf

Oro Valley Councilman Brendan Burns has been charged with four misdemeanors for allegedly violating a court-ordered restraining order.

According to the charges filed by the Pima County Attorney, Burns allegedly violated the order of protection that ordered that the first-term councilman stay away from his wife at his home in Oro Valley.

Over the last year, the Oro Valley Police Department has been called to the Burns’ family home on multiple occasions.

According to the public documents, Burns has allegedly violated the restraining order on numerous occasions, but there has been no violence.

According to public records, on March 10, Oro Valley Police were notified by Burns’ wife that he was at the home.

While his wife was not on site, police found Burns inside the house.

According to police accounts, Burns said he knew he had violated the order of protection and “wanted to go to jail.”

In a statement to the media, Burns has called the situation a private matter between his wife and family.

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Domestic violence abusers ALWAYS claim the "incidents" are private and a family matter. This man is an elected official and still frequently breaking the law. Hmmmm. I'd think twice, Oro Valley, about re-electing this dangerous man. I hope his wife and kids stay safe.


It seems as though we have had a string of bad council people elected in recent years. First there was one that quit because she was alledgedly embroiled in a sex scandal with the Town Manager. Then came the councilman who threw around sexual and racist comments according to a published report. Now we have another report of an elected official, a lawyer even, who can seem to obey the law. Who keeps electing these people?????


This story is sad on many levels. Last week, the local TV stations also covered this story, and I am glad to see the Explorer did a bit more research. I feel for the family involved....they are innocent victims in this mess. Maybe it's time for Burns to consider stepping away from his council seat.


I am currently visiting Oro Valley to consider a job offer and relocation. Your community's safety record played a large role in getting me to this point. However, I must admit reading of inappropriate behavior by two of your Council Members in this publication's on-line version, is giving me reason to pause and reconsider. Not only am I taken aback by their individual acts, but question how two such characters could get elected and wonder how they reflect Oro Valley's values.

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