Police and Crime

Oro Valley

On Friday, June 13, at 4:31 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a report of an irate person at the Oro Valley Hospital, 1551 E. Tangerine Road. Police found that the hospital staff had locked the man in an emergency room because he became combative and verbally abusive toward the staff. The man had been admitted for an injury on his head and was combative in the ambulance to the point where he choked one of the paramedics and also kicked one a firefighter/EMTs. The man was in the room wearing only shorts, and was banging on the window and door with a metal rod that he had broken off of the bed. Several minutes later, the man calmed down and got onto the hospital bed in the room. He was then handcuffed and restrained to the bed. The man, who had a large bump on his head, told police he did not remember anything from earlier in the day. He was cited and released for criminal damage, disorderly conduct. Detectives will be informed about the aggravated assault on the medical personnel.

On Monday, June 9, at 1:30 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to an attempted shoplifting at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 7951 N. Oracle Road. Police were told that one man was seen putting numerous bottles of liquor, along with four cases of beer, into a shopping cart. The man then left the store after moving the cart to another location in the store. An employee then took the cart to the customer service center to begin inventorying it contents. The man then came back into the store and tried to leave with it. The employee told the man he couldn’t take it. As the two were struggling for possession of the cart, another suspect came in and also tried to help take the cart out of the store. The employee was able to keep the suspects from taking the cart, which was filled with $496.69 worth of alcohol. Police were unable to find the suspects and the employee was told the case would be closed.

Pima County

On Wednesday, June 11, at 8 p.m., deputies with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call about domestic violence on the 4000 block of North Pomona Avenue. When deputies arrived, they found a man outside the house who told police that his throat was slashed, though deputies did not notice anything out of the ordinary with this throat. Deputies learned that the man punched a woman in the face. She then grabbed a knife and held it in self-defense. She told the man to leave, and he did. The man was arrested for domestic violence/ assault and booked into the Pima County Adult Detention Center.

On Monday, June 8, at 9:45 a.m., deputies with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call about narcotics at Mountain View High School. After a teacher could smell marijuana on a student, his bag was checked and found a marijuana pipe and some marijuana. He admitted to buying it and smoking it. The amount of marijuana was .14 grams. He was cited for use and possession of marijuana, use and possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of drug paraphernalia in a drug-free zone.

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