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On Saturday, Nov. 30, Marana police responded to a call about dogs barking. The officer knocked on the front door of the house where the dogs were barking. The owners did not answer. During this time the dogs continually barked and ran back and forth in the backyard. The officer talked to the caller who said that this has been an ongoing issue and that he doesn’t know his neighbor very well. The caller was recommended to call Pima Animal Control for further assistance.


On Friday, Nov. 29, at about 12:03 p.m., Marana police responded to a call about a stolen license plate. The caller said that between Thursday, Nov. 28 at about 6 p.m. and Friday, Nov. 29 at 12 p.m. the plate was stolen off his scooter. There is no current suspect or video surveillance.


On Thursday, Nov. 28, at about 10:16 a.m., Marana police responded to a call about graffiti. The caller said that the outside of the house had been spray-painted. The wall of the house that is facing the east had the letters “sup” on it. The officer talked to the tenant at the home who said that she was made aware of the spray-painting fifteen minutes prior. 


On Wednesday, Nov. 27, at about 4:44 p.m., Marana police responded to a call about car damage. The caller said he parked a rental car in the LA Fitness parking lot on 5885 W. Arizona Pavilions on Monday, Nov. 25 at 9 a.m. When he returned at 10:30 a.m. he saw that his car had been keyed.  


On Monday, Nov. 25, at about 11:25 a.m., Marana police responded to a call about criminal damage. The caller said that about three weeks ago someone took wires from a house undergoing construction. The wires were stolen sometime between Friday, Nov. 1 at 3 p.m. and Monday, Nov. 4 at 6 a.m. The stolen wires would cost $850 to replace.



On Friday, Nov. 22, at about 10:11 a.m., Deputies with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department responded to a house on the 700 block of West Millbrook Lane in response to an assault. The man told deputies that he had gone to the nearby Village Inn for some pie. After getting in his car to leave, a SUV stopped behind him to let a passenger out. The man yelled at him to move and that it wasn’t a passenger drop-off location. The car moved, and the man began to drive home. The man in the SUV followed him to his house. Once there, the man got out of his SUV and punched the other man four times in the head and ripped his shirt as he was still sitting in his car in his garage. The man then got back into his SUV and drove away. Police found the SUV at the Village Inn and spoke with the owner of the car. The man denied being involved in any incident. He told deputies that he arrived at the restaurant, with his wife driving, the came in and ate their food. The man had no scars, marks, bruising or swelling on his hands, which would indicate a fight. The man and his wife were calm and said the story was made up. He also denied going to the man’s house. There were no witnesses to either incident and there were no citations issued.


On Wednesday, Nov. 20, at about 11 p.m., Deputies with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department responded to the northwest corner of Ina and Mona Lisa roads in response to some suspicious people walking around the business complex. When deputies arrived, they found and spoke to a man and a woman. The man had a non-extraditable warrant. In searching the woman’s purse, they found a digital pocket scale, used syringes, a plastic straw, a metal spoon, aluminum foil, a glass meth pipe, a metal pick, and a tourniquet – all items associated with someone who smokes heroin. The woman told deputies she hadn’t smoked and had been clean for six to eight weeks and only keeps the stuff incase she went through withdrawal. She was cited and released for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. Both were released at from the scene.


On Monday, Nov. 18, at about 7:29 p.m., Deputies with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department responded to a house about embezzlement. The woman told deputies that her sons were playing for Tucson Youth Football and paid fees for each child to the team’s coach. The team was later told they could not play in the play-offs because the organization did not have the money and the coach had used all of the money for personal use. Deputies are currently interviewing all of the people involved.


(Editors Note: The reports are compiled by Randy Metcalf, he can be reached at rmetcalf@explorernews.com)

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