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On Sunday, March 31, at 7:20 p.m., Marana police responded to the Walmart at the 8200 block of North Cortaro Road in response to a report of a theft of gas from a car. The victim came out to his car to find his gas tank open and gas on the ground, coming from his truck. He looked under his car and saw a hole punched into the gas tank. He had about $30 worth of gas taken and estimated the cost to replace the gas tank at $120.


On Friday, March 29, at about 11:28 a.m., Marana police responded to a house at the 8900 block of North Valgrind Lane in response to a theft from a car. The victim told police that sometime during the night someone had taken the cover to the bed of his Chevy Avalanche. The cover is valued at $2,750. 


On Wednesday, March 27, at about 5:14 p.m., Marana police responded to the Costco at the 3900 block of West Costco Drive in response to a report of a shoplifting. An employee saw a woman take a wireless speaker out of the package, place it in her purse and attempt to leave the store without paying. While searching her purse, police found a book that she also tried to steal. The employee took her membership card and was told she would be charged with trespassing if she returned to any Costco property. She was cited and released for shoplifting. 


On Tuesday, March 26, at 12:42 p.m., Marana police responded to the Walmart at the 8200 block of North Cortaro Road in response to a report of a shoplifting in progress. The loss prevention employee watched as a woman would place items on her purse, which was in the shopping cart. As she would turn corners, she would conceal and hide the items in her purse. The woman tried to elude the employee but went willingly with him when she saw police. She told police she didn’t leave the store, she didn’t have an opportunity to buy them and that is how she shops for items. The total value of the times, consisting of toys, makeup and clothing, was $196.85. She was cited and released for shoplifting. 




On Thursday, March 28, at 5:12 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a report of attempted shoplifting from the Sally’s Beauty Supply at 10785 N. Oracle Road. The employee told police that a woman came into the store, walked over to the lotion area and grabbed a bottle of Moist Hemp Pomegranate-Mango body moisturizer and took it to the back of the store and put it in her sweatshirt and zipped it closed. She then left the store without paying for the item. The employee confronted the woman outside and told her to give the lotion back. The woman took the lotion out of her sweater jacket, called the woman an expletive and threw the bottle of lotion at her. Police searched the area for the woman, but were unable to find her. 


On Sunday, March 24, at 3:40 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to a report of loud people at a pool who were drinking at 10950 N. La Cañada Dr. When police arrived, they found five to six men and one woman sitting in the whirlpool spa, playing music. Police told them other tenants of the complex have complained about them being too loud. They told police they lived in the apartment complex, apologized and left the pool area. Residents told police that this was an on-going problem and that the pool closed at 10 p.m. Because police cannot enforce apartment rules and the people weren’t trespassing because they lived in the complex, police documented the incident.


On Saturday, March 23, at about 1:55 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to the Diamond Shamrock gas station at 10410 N. La Cañada Dr. in response to a counterfeit bill. The employee told police that while she was counting the money, she came across a five-dollar bill that was yellow and looked counterfeit. She did not know when it was used, but said she has been seeing more and more counterfeit money coming into the business. Police took the bill and forwarded the case to secret service. 


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The reports are compiled by Randy Metcalf, he can be reached at rmetcalf@explorernews.com)

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