Dennis Woblick

On July 21, 2013 around 12:15 p.m., Pima County Sheriff's Department deputies responded to the 15200 block of South Lovell Road referencing the report of three penned horses that were possibly starving.

When deputies arrived, it was discovered that there were horses and dogs that appeared to be emaciated. A Pima Animal Care Center officer also responded to the property to view the animals.

Sheriff’s Department detectives took over the investigation. A search warrant was issued and detectives found that one dog and two horses were severely emaciated.

The owner, 62-year-old Dennis Woblick, owned three dogs and three horses at the time.

The horses were sent to Healing Hearts Rescue and Refuge in the Wilcox area. The dogs were sent to Pima Animal Care Center.

Since that time, the horses have been rehabilitated and have recovered to proper physical condition. The dogs were rehabilitated and adopted through Pima Animal Care Center.

Dennis Woblick pled guilty to one charge of Felony Animal Cruelty. He will be sentenced on May 28, 2014.

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Lets emancipate him until we can see his ribs. Poor horses and dogs who could not verbalize their tragic experience. This should not happen again with another creature. I would keep my eyes open to look for this cases and for sure I will reported to the authorities. Endless appreciation for the volunteers who took in their hands the responsibility of saving the life of the horses and dogs.


LivingWell took the words right out of my mouth. Plus he should also not be allowed to EVER own animals again and if he IS caught with one, tossed back into jail. Oh, and "three times your out" would be nice to add

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