The actions of one area resident led to the arrest of a drunk driver with a serious case of heavy foot.

On Wednesday, Oct. 5 around 7 p.m., an OVPD officer was dispatched on a call regarding a vehicle traveling northbound on North Oracle Road near West Magee Road seen by another driver switching lanes erratically and swerving, A second call received a short time later informed police that the vehicle was then seen pulling into a nearby Circle K.

Upon arriving in the area the officer noted in his report that he observed a vehicle matching a previously given description leaving the convenience store, and was able to follow the driver, heading northbound at West Calle Concordia.

In a fully marked police Tahoe, the officer reported pacing the vehicle at 62 miles per hour before it fluctuated in speed and began “weaving within its lane.” The officer indicated he observed the vehicle cross over the lane hash lines on two separate occasions before conducting a traffic stop near North First Avenue. 

After making contact and identifying the driver, who had a sole additional occupant within the vehicle, the driver indicated to the officer that he did not know what the posted speed limit was in the area and had no mechanical issues with his vehicle. While interacting with the driver the officer indicated in his report that he did “observe a slight odor of intoxicants emanating from the vehicle.” 

Additionally, the officer indicated that the driver’s movements “were slow and deliberate as he attempted to locate the requested documents from his glove compartment.” The officer also noted that the man’s speech “appeared slow and mumbled at times,” that his eyes were “red, watery and bloodshot” and that he had a “flushed face.”

When asked if he had been drinking the driver told the officer he had, admitting to consuming three bottles of apple ale. The officer was also informed of an unholstered firearm in the vehicle which was retrieved and checked.

After indicating to the officer during several tests that he may be under the influence during field sobriety testing, the man sealed his fate when he failed to perform the preliminary breath test by placing his tongue into the straw and “sucking instead of blowing.”

After undergoing a blood draw the man was later Mirandized and arrested for DUI to the slightest degree, and issued a citation for failure to maintain lane position as well as speeding.

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