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Mystery of the open door

One woman returned to her Oro Valley home to find the door ajar and the residence tossed around, though she was lucky in that nothing of value was missing.

Coming home from visiting her mother just after the lunch hour on Monday, Jan. 16, a woman noticed that the deadbolt was visible and the door was left open. She told responding officers that she walked around the corner into her kitchen, and noticed that several of the drawers and cabinets had been pulled open as well, an action for which her family was not responsible. The woman said that she immediately went to her master bedroom to check for her stash of cash and notified authorities after everything was found in its place.

Oro Valley Police Department’s officers responding to the scene conducted a search of the house, and upon negative results asked the woman if there would be any reason she, or her husband, would be targeted for any reason. Discovering none, officers asked the woman to keep them updated on any developments.

The mystery of the open door remains.

A lesson in locks

Hoping to go for a morning ride, one Oro Valley man discovered a bike missing from his garage, carrying a price tag of more than $1,000.

The morning of Tuesday, Jan. 17, just after 10 a.m. an OVPD officer responded to a local residence after a man discovered his red and white Trek brand mountain bike missing. An officer arrived and made contact with the man, who said that he keeps the missing bike, and several others of higher value, in his garage. Furthermore, he indicated to officers that while there is a lock on the manual door, it is not always locked.

The man told the officer that he did come home with his wife the previous night and entered the garage around 6:30 p.m., though he could not say for certain if the bike was there at that time. He discovered it missing that morning at 7 a.m. when he went to retrieve it for a ride. 

The man told the officer that he believes he was specifically targeted, as his neighbors often keep their own bikes unlocked and in plain sight.

More vandalism near Honeybee Ridge

Acts of vandalism related to the closure of a trail leading to Arizona State Trust Land continued last month, according to an OVPD crime report.

Responding to a call on Saturday, Jan. 21, an OVPD officer met with the HOA president after several signs mounted near North Quiet Rain Drive were spray painted with white paint. The signs are mounted at the trailhead gate. One sign stated “No Motorized Vehicles,” another “No Access to State Land” and the third posting an effective date of last October.

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