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On Saturday, Dec. 7, at about 2:34 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a call about an assault at 8252 N. Northern Avenue. The caller said that his friend had a disagreement with the neighbor living downstairs. His friend tossed a cup of water over the balcony. The neighbor then came out and confronted him. The caller said the neighbor yelled at his friend and tried to slap him, but missed. The caller said his friend didn’t touch the neighbor. He said that they have had problems with their neighbor before but not like this. 


On Thursday, Dec. 5, at about 6:20 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a call about an assault with a deadly weapon. The caller said that his car was shot at and struck at the intersection of West Lambert Lane and North La Canada Drive. The caller was currently standing in the parking lot by Harvest Moon. When the officer arrived the caller said that the incident happened about 50 feet north of North La Cholla Boulevard. The caller said that him, his wife and daughter were on their way to have dinner at Harvest Moon at about 6:05 p.m. when he heard a loud pop. Once he arrived at Harvest Moon he saw what he thought was damage from a bullet on the passenger front window. The officer looked at the window and decided it wasn’t damage from a bullet. There were no chips to the window. 


On Wednesday, Dec. 4 at about 10:23 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to a call about a theft on 10901 N. Oracle Rd. The caller, an employee with Sun Western Contractors, said that between Nov. 29 at about 5 p.m. and Dec. 3 at about 6:30 a.m. a battery was taken from his company’s truck. The battery cost $150.


On Tuesday, Dec. 3 at about 7:32 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a call about shoplifting at the Walmart on 2150 E. Tangerine Rd. The officer talked to the caller who described the male who was suspected of shoplifting. The officer then waited outside the front entrance until the man appeared. Once the man appeared, the officer asked him to stop and told him he matched the description of someone they were looking for. The caller confirmed the man was the suspected shoplifter and said that the man had a shoplifted a knife and that it was on him. The caller said the man had been in the store for hours and had put items in his jacket. The man was found to have two syringes in his pocket, a small bag with narcotic residue, and new shoes that still had the tag on them. The shoplifter had been arrested twice before for shoplifting at other Walmart’s. The shoplifter was arrested for shoplifting, unlawful possession of paraphernalia and trespass third degree.


On Monday, Dec. 2 at about 9:31 p.m., Oro Valley police responded a call about a man screaming for help and glass breaking on the block of 1200 N. Bandanna Way. Upon arrival, the caller pointed to the direction the sound came from. The caller said that it’s probably at the house just north of them because the family has a child there that has caused problems before. The officers talked to the woman at the home who said that she had had an argument with her grandson. She said that he didn’t like the food and said “shut up” to her. She said there was no broken glass, but her grandson threw a metal pot onto plates that were in her sink. It was soon found out that the argument was between the woman, her grandson and his girlfriend. The grandson was arrested for disorderly conduct a class one misdemeanor and was taken to Pima County Jail.



On Tuesday, Dec. 3, at about 2:09 p.m., Marana police responded to a call about a theft on the block of 3800 W. River Road. The caller said his generator to his car was missing from his property. He last saw the generator on Monday, Dec. 2 at about 9 p.m. and noticed it missing the next day at 10 a.m. The caller said the generator costs about $1,500 and is used to light up a field at night where he sells Christmas trees. The area is enclosed by a metal fence.


On Monday, Dec. 2, at about 7:27 a.m., Marana police responded to a call about a theft from the block of 8400 N. Mountain Stone Pine Way. The caller said that several wirings were cut out of a house that is still under construction. A lot of the wires that were cut from the bays were stolen. The caller said the theft could have happened anytime between Wednesday, Nov. 27 and Friday Nov. 29. He was told about the theft on Saturday, Nov. 30. 


(Editors Note: The reports are compiled by Randy Metcalf, he can be reached at rmetcalf@explorernews.com)

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