One man’s demeanor gave two minors a fright as he followed them into a local convenience store, though it was the man’s sticky fingers that alerted authorities and led to his arrest.

On Jan. 1 around midday two minors were playing in a wash near their house adjacent to Oracle Road when they saw “an Indian male with long black hair and wearing a black hoodie” coming their way. As they indicated to responding Oro Valley Police Department officers, they felt nervous and decided to begin walking away from the man towards a nearby Circle K. As they approached the establishment, one child said the man began running towards them.

The youth made it into the convenience store and told employees that a man was chasing after them. The manager of the store hid the two children in the “beer cave” as the man walked in. The suspect also made his way into the same room, and the manager moved the youths to another cooler. Not able to find the two children, the man reportedly grabbed a Four Loko malt liquor and made his way out of the store.

Once the children’s mother arrived she told officers that she recognized the man, and that she had seen him watching the kids’ football practice. 

Several witnesses corroborated the story the children told the officer and with video surveillance in-hand the officers arrested the man for shoplifting.


wardrobe malfuction

One couple got into a physical argument after a child wanted to go home for a change of clothes. Once the mother tried to exit a moving vehicle, the call to police was made.

Later in the afternoon on Jan. 1 OVPD officers responded to a priority-one domestic violence call and made it to the scene in less than two minutes. Upon arrival, officers noted in their reports that the couple they encountered were both emotional and were quickly separated.

The man told officers that he and his wife were going for a family dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, but first had to pick up his mother near Oracle Road and Hardy roads. While en route the man said that he was informed by his wife that her son, who was not in the same vehicle, wanted to run home and change before dinner. The man told officers that he made a snarky comment to his wife, and called his mother to inform her that they could not pick her up before dinner.

The man’s response allegedly angered his wife, who according to the police report tried to jump from the vehicle while it was still in motion. The man made a grab for the woman and was at some point scratched on the face. 

Both parties were ultimately charged with domestic violence considering the totality of the circumstances. The wife left in the family vehicle with the children and the man’s mother picked him up from the scene.


Weaving driver earns a DUI

One woman was unable to maintain her lane while driving down the road early in the morning, alerting a member of the OVPD DUI Enforcement Unit, who took note and followed her before initiating a traffic stop.

Early in the morning on Jan. 7 an OVPD officer traveling eastbound on Ina Road near Paseo Del Norte noticed a brown Ford F-150 driving ahead with the passenger side tires riding on the fog line. After following the driver for a short time the officer noted in his report that the vehicle would drift between the bicycle lane and the traffic lane, and continued to ride the fog line.

The officer indicated in his report that he turned on his overhead lights near Westward Look Drive. Though the driver did slow down slightly, the officer wrote that the woman did not take heed of his signal to pull over. After traveling nearly a mile, the vehicle pulled over near First Avenue.

The officer noted in his report that the woman was unable to provide current proof of insurance, and he initiated roadside tests on the driver. The woman indicated throughout the test to possible intoxication and the officer noted several signs of intoxication, including red, watery eyes, liquor on her breath and a distinctive sway as she went through the tests.

The officer administered a preliminary breath test and she blew .106. Considering the totality of the circumstances the officer then placed the woman under arrest for driving under the influence. When the officer returned to the vehicle to talk to the passenger a strong smell of fresh marijuana was also discovered.

After finding more than seven grams of the drug, the woman added a charge for unlawful possession of marijuana to her DUI, failure to maintain the proper lane and no proof of insurance.

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