There isn’t a single story that I can share of my mom that will accurately and honestly portray how great she is. My mom is wonderful because of all the little things she does consistently everyday.

My mom is one of the most service-oriented people you will ever meet. This service comes from her love and kindness she shows to everyone. I remember when I was little and being mad that she would drag me from playing to go pull weeds at an elderly neighbors yard that we didn’t even know or to help someone move. Now that I’m older, I appreciate her example of being considerate, as it seems many people don’t go out of their way to help others.

Dedication is another word I would use to describe my mom. Her dedication to making our home and family a place of love is one example. She made sure as we were growing up that we not only played together but we worked hard together too. I credit the strong family bond to her, as she made sure we spent dinners eating together as well as having us have family time. She has always shown dedication to my dad as she wakes up early to make him breakfast and pack his lunch for his long days at work. My mom showed dedication, as she would stay up late at night helping us with projects that we had forgotten about or to make sure we got home safely when we were out with friends.

I have loved that I can always count on my mom for anything and everything. She has helped me countless times as well as many others and never does she do it for praise. She is a genuinely thoughtful and considerate woman. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody that doesn’t love my mom. I know I can go to her for advice or with problems I have and she will answer in the best way she knows. She encourages me in all my endeavors, never have I heard her say a foul thing about anyone, which in itself is quite remarkable. Even as I’m off at college, my mom makes sure to keep in touch, as she is sincerely interested in what I’m doing.

When I think of my mom, it is hard without feelings of immense love and admiration. I aspire to be as wonderful of a woman as her. She loves others so easily and shows that love through kindness and friendship. She is my idol, comforter and friend but most importantly she is my mom.

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