Barbara Gonzales

Barbara Gonzales

courtesy of Cheryl LaPlant

Our Mom is ‘Superwoman’ and, she has no clue the magnitude of her own strength (making her qualities even more endearing) Life’s struggles have been much too plentiful from childhood on through.

Mom always attributes Grandma, Mom’s mom, while she was alive for being her most powerful guide teaching life’s genuine purposes and sacrifices. I recall when Mom had to start her life over after my parents’ divorce and with so many uncertainties lying ahead she decided it would be a refreshing change to follow her brother’s family out to the sunny Southwest from an often dreary Ohio. Mom remarried after some time to my stepdad Robert Gonzales and they’ve shared over 30 fulfilling years together in Arizona now.

Anyway, Mom and Robert shared an apartment in the Tucson Foothills with my brother Joe. My brother David and I came to visit over the summer of 1982 and next thing we too were packing up in Ohio to join all in Mom’s one bedroom apartment. Mom ‘n Dad didn’t seem to mind a bit and often mentioned how being together is just so much more important than the size of the space you occupy.  Mom is the ultimate definition of life and caregiver and now faces the most difficult challenge of all, accepting others’ care of her.

Three years ago on Mother’s Day while visiting Mom we learned of my eldest brother’s sudden passing from a heart attack. He was just 47. Mom always had (still does) a uniquely inseparable attachment to Joe and now life must still go on as roles change and he cares for her from the heavens above. Shortly after Joe died Mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s (and other health issues) and has found getting around is becoming so much harder. Despite such difficulty, Mom perseveres much of the time with such bright and cheerful conviction. My brother David ‘n I always want Mom to know she’ll be acknowledged and ‘pampered’ unconditionally just as she’s done for so many throughout ALL of our lives. Our amazing MOM is everyone’s SUPERHERO!!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to ‘shout out’ to Mom.

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