The best mom

Like the majestic granite peaks of the Rockies, my mother is strong.

Like the powdery wings of a Monarch, my mother is delicate.

Like white clouds morphing into shapes, my mother is dynamic.

Like the North Star, my mother is constant.

Like the shimmer of the sunset on the ocean, my mother is radiant.

Like a seahorse’s glide, my mother is graceful.

Like tropical palm trees bending in hurricane winds but rising again in the

calm, my mother is resilient.

Like geometric canyons carved over eons, my mother is awe-inspiring.

Like dolphins frolicking in waves, my mother is fun.

Like a meadow of spring wildflowers, my mother is colorful.

Like a fiery volcano waking after years of dormancy, my mother is


Like giant flowing kelp forests, my mother is protective.

Like the pollen of an Heirloom rose, my mother is nourishing.

Like the sound of a bubbling stream, my mother is calming.

Like the giant saguaro, my mother is unique.

Like the glowing curve of the horizon reassuring us where we are,

my mother is home.

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