American Red Cross

Wildfires and home fires devastate families throughout Arizona–in fact, the American Red Cross responds to a home fire about every 15 hours in the state. For the fourth year, Fry’s Food Stores is partnering with the American Red Cross in Arizona to raise awareness about fire’s devastating effects through the Fire Hurts. Red Cross Helps. campaign.

Until July 19, Fry’s customers can help people affected by fires and other disasters by making a donation to the campaign as they check out at any register at Fry’s Food Stores.

Martin Collinsworth, produce and marketing field specialist with Fry’s, has been a Red Cross volunteer for four years. He knows firsthand the difference that Red Cross makes to a community struggling with the devastation of fire. Collinsworth deployed with the Red Cross this time last year in the wake of the Yarnell Hill Fire, working to ensure the community had what it needed during a time of overwhelming grief and loss.

“It’s an honor to work for a company that is as community-focused as Fry’s,” he said. Collinsworth serves on the board of the American Red Cross Grand Canyon Chapter, and works with the logistics team when there is a large disaster, such as a wildfire. “Seeing the quiet strength that the Fry’s and Red Cross team brought to that community made me proud to be part of both organizations,” he said. “It was a tough, tough time for all, but we joined arms and served together. Fry’s customers who supported last year’s Fire Hurts, Red Cross Helps fundraiser were part of the team, too. Whether you contribute spare change or volunteer your time, you are part of the Red Cross in your community.”

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