Summer heat is hard on automobiles.  Just when you need your air conditioning to relieve our triple digit temperatures is when it fails or worse, your cooling system fails, and you find yourself on the side of the road in the heat.  Windshield wipers dry out and belts that drive your pumps and fan break along with hoses that feed your windshield washer and radiator.  Without your radiator working properly, your engine will overheat and ultimately ruin the engine.

Decide to spend a little money on preventative maintenance and more on your vacation.  Regular maintenance done by qualified technicians using the latest electronic equipment is the least expensive way to keep your car running properly so that you don’t have to worry about breaking down on your next trip even if it’s just to the grocery store.

Call Hardin Brothers Automotive today at 818-3200 and set up an appointment for a maintenance service and courtesy check.  While here, take advantage of our Hot Weather Special.

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