As she walks toward him, you can see the tears well up in his eyes.  Wearing a long, golden-laced dress, pearl earrings and holding a bouquet of purple flowers, is his Lady Barbara. She looks up at him and gives him a small smile. He is wearing a black suit, accented by a purple and grey tie, and shiny, black dress shoes. He gently takes her hand as the two face the small chapel. Today, Barbara Burkett and Everett Dougherty, both in their mid-80s, will wed.

For Barbara and Everett, age is but a number and love is more than just a first glance. The two met at breakfast just over a year ago at Desert Springs Gracious Retirement Living, where the two currently reside. It only took one conversation for the couple to form a bond. They both shared a love for books, music, dogs and being active. Both had a love for travelling and especially loved cruises. At the time, Everett had been on 22 cruises and Barbara had been on two. He loved to read the classics and so did she.

“Our love grew out of our friendship and care for one another,” said Barbara. 

What she loves so much about Everett is that he doesn’t complain. His optimistic outlook on life is something that Barbara enjoys being around. 

As for Everett, he likes that they can help and care for each other.

“She’s my lady,” said Everett. “I like her clothes, her dress – everything about her.”

Within a year the two decided they wanted to be married. There was no romantic or extravagant proposal, just a simple understanding and mutual love for each other that led them to making the decision. Both had been married before. When asked, “‘Why get married now”? The two laughed as Barbara turned with a smile and said, “Why not?”

“Life don’t stop just because you come to a place like this,” said Everett. “You can act like a kid, have fun and enjoy each other.”

On Saturday, Feb. 1, Barbara and Everett got married at the small chapel at Desert Springs where about 30 of their friends and family attended. This is the first wedding that Desert Springs has ever hosted. Al Jensen, a friend of Everett’s and a pastor from Resurrection Lutheran Church, performed the ceremony. 

Love is unconditional and never ending and Barbara and Everett are a testimony of this type of love, said Jensen. 

“If you really want to keep going you can keep going and it’s a lot of fun trying to,” said Barbara.

The two will celebrate their honeymoon on a Caribbean cruise for 21 days.

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