Waiting too long for an oil change could mean disaster for other parts of your car.

 With car manufacturers increasing their recommended length of time between oil changes, it can be very dangerous to go more than five months between service visits in the extreme Tucson climate.

There are several preventative maintenance items that should be addressed three to four times per year regardless of how often you change your oil. The benefits of addressing these items on your car include better fuel economy and safety for you and your family.

The folks at Royal Automotive group have come up with a free preventative maintenance service for anyone that drives a car - Even if you didn’t buy from them.

The Royal Pit Stop is a fast and free service that usually takes less than 10 minutes and there are no hooks or gimmicks to buy anything. The Pit Stop has been described like the old fashioned full-service filling stations (just without the gas). Guests will get a total overview performed on their vehicle that includes:

• All engine fluids topped off

• Tire air pressure optimized

• Tire tread wear measured

• Exterior lights checked

• Wiper blade health status

While this maintenance check is great if you are about to take a long road trip, it is also an important thing to do every four to five months to avoid costly repairs. Each of the Royal Automotive Group locations perform this service by request. Ask for the “Pit Stop” by name at any of these locations:

• Royal Buick-GMC-Cadillac (General Motors Certified): Tucson Auto Mall

• Royal Kia: Corner of Speedway & Columbus

• Royal Jaguar-Land Rover: Tucson Auto Mall

• Lexus of Tucson: Tucson Auto Mall

• Lexus of Tucson: Corner of Speedway & Columbus

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