With college costs skyrocketing, more college students are waking to the realization that they are trapped under massive debts. It doesn’t have to be this way, say experts.

The numbers are staggering, as 65 percent of student loan borrowers misunderstand or are surprised by aspects of their student loans, according to studies. And student loans account for the most common form of increasing debt among ages 18-24, with 60 percent of students graduating with an average of $24,572.45 in student loan debt.

Students are not being taught enough financial responsibility, say experts at Lexington Law, a leading provider of consumer credit correction services. Only four states require a class in financial education. As such, many educators are urging greater financial education requirements.

In the meantime, there are things students can do to avoid getting buried under debt. A recent survey revealed that one in three graduates would have pursued one of the following, if they could do it all again:

• Scholarships

• Financial aid

• Started saving earlier

• Pursued higher paying majors

• Worked while in college

Parents and students can access free financial education tips and services at www.lexingtonlaw.com.

Remember, a little knowledge can help secure your wallet.

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If the interest rates double soon what should we do then? It will cause a great financial burden for all of the country. Yes, the student debt is huge enough but is the doubling still the decision of this problem? It is very sad that young people in our country cannot get good diplomas without problems with money need. Besides the fact that you do not know where to get money you have also to take out student loans where the rates are supposed to double. I apply for help to thrustworthy cash advance lenders in Canada and do not afraid to feel money need. If the rate is doubled I do not even know what I will do. It is so sad when student loans are the only hope for young adults to obtain a good education.

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