Ironwood Ridge senior Colton Blevins is the Explorer’s Helping Hand feature for the month of February.

He’s also one very busy guy. 

Along with his everyday responsibilities as a high school student, Blevins continues to build a resume, with volunteer work, that will no doubt turn some heads when he begins pursuing his career. 

Now, his hard work is paying off.

Enrolled by his mother in Cub Scouts as a first grader, Blevins, now 17 years old, has progressed through the scout ranks over the years, and has now applied for the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout – something just a few in the scout program will achieve.

“Only about 10 percent of scouts earn Eagle Scout,” said Blevins.

But for Blevins, the feat is now well within reach. Having recently finished a community service project that will put him in contention for the Eagle Scout badge, Blevins must now only go before a panel of judges who will interview him about his project, which consisted of performing some much-needed work at the Arizona School of Deaf and Blind.

Blevins, who oversaw the 30 volunteers he recruited for his project, helped build a 30-foot long, four-foot high fence that will serve to divide different animal species at the school’s farming area. Blevins and company poured 114 hours into making the idea a reality.

Giving to others in need is nothing new for the Blevins family.

“My husband and I would always take our kids on family things together,” said Denise. “When we would go on vacations, a lot of the time we would go to national parks so the kids could learn about culture. We would also teach them about recognizing other people’s needs. That was something we did with them when they were little, and we just kept on doing it. My kids are all recognizing a person’s needs just by watching them.”

When asked about his feelings on the end result of the project, the soft-spoken Blevins smiled.

“I’m relieved,” he said about pulling it off.

But soft-spoken or not, actions speak louder than words for this young man.

In 2007, Blevins was a volunteer member of the Navajo Nation, where he put in 220 hours of his time to help donate books and clothes to children and elderly. Three years later, Blevins volunteered time at the Marana Community Food Bank’s farm, and currently, Blevins serves in the Cactus Ranger program, a program that teaches environmental education. There, he assists in teaching and organizing park functions. Blevins also previously served in the Oro Valley Police Explorer program, putting in 34.5 hours of community service while learning the basics of law enforcement.

Looking ahead, Blevins said he is interested in becoming a wildland firefighter, and he is currently enrolled in the Joint Technical Education District, where he has already begun the classes required to begin his career.

Was it mentioned that Blevins is also planning to enroll in the United States Marine Corps Reserves? 

It appears the world is just a little bit too small for Colton Blevins.

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