At about 4:45 p.m. on July 15, a Pima County Sheriff’s Department deputy was involved in a collision with a pedestrian child in the area of South Campbell and East

Wyoming. He requested emergency medical assistance for the child as well as for additional law enforcement resources to respond to the scene of the collision. The Tucson Fire Department and Tucson Police Department were immediately notified as well and initiated their responses at 4:46 p.m. In addition to numerous PCSD resources, personnel from

Operations Division South of the Tucson Police Department responded to assist. Emergency medical personnel from the

Tucson Fire Department assessed the child, a 10-year old boy, at the scene and immediately transported him to a local trauma center. He had sustained serious injuries as a result of the collision. The 10-year old boy succumbed to his injuries while at the hospital and was pronounced deceased.

The detectives learned that a group of children had been running back and forth (eastbound and westbound) across South Campbell near the intersection with East Wyoming. The child that was struck was part of the group of children, who witnesses reported seeing running across the street multiple times. At one point, he was on the eastern side of the roadway, and the rest of the group was on the western side of the roadway. The PCSD deputy was traveling northbound in the curb lane in a marked Pima County Sheriff’s Department 2011 Chevrolet

Tahoe. As he neared the intersection with East Wyoming, the 10-year old boy suddenly ran out into the roadway in order to join his friends on the west side of the street. The deputy swerved in an attempt to avoid striking the boy. However, he was not able to avoid the collision. He immediately stopped his vehicle and began to render first aid to the boy as soon as he exited his vehicle. There was no indication that speed was a factor in the collision.

“Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the 10-year old boy as well as to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department deputy,” said Marie Hawke, a public information officer for the department. “This incident is a stark reminder of the danger of allowing children to play in or near a roadway.”

It should be noted that investigative personnel from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department responded as well in order to conduct a parallel administrative investigation, while the Tucson Police Department personnel assumed primary responsibility for the investigation regarding the collision. The detectives examined and collected roadway evidence at the scene. They also spoke with various witnesses to the collision.

The officer involved with the accident, Deputy Jesus Verduzco, has five years of service with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. He has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure following a major incident. The Tucson Police Department will conduct the formal traffic investigation

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