Fence Staining

(StatePoint) Are you staining your deck, fencing or outdoor furniture? Before you start any staining project, make sure the wood surface has been properly prepared.

Pick a day to work that is between 50 and 90 degrees and when cold or wet weather is not expected within 48 hours.

Remember, a staining project can be labor intensive, particularly if you’re working on a large surface. To reduce your project time, team up with a friend. You can speed the process by an estimated 32 percent by having one person use a roller to apply a layer of stain while the other person uses a brush to go over it, according to Flood Wood Care. 

By using a brush attached to a pole, you can avoid bending over in a way that is stressful to your back and knees.

For help picking a deck stain or wood stain, and for more tips and advice, visit www.Flood.com.

Wood staining is crucial for protecting siding, outdoor furniture, play-sets and decks from damage and deterioration. By following a few simple tricks, you can make this necessary task a bit easier.

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