Volunteering at Catalina State Park

Volunteers at Catalina State Park help make many programs, such as the reptile/wildlife exhibit, a success.

Courtesy of Arizona State Parks

Since spring 2012, Catalina State Park has enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the Friends of Catalina State Park (FOCSP), which is mobilizing support and raising money for projects and activities at the Park.

The Friends group has provided funding that is being used to feed the animals that are the star attractions of the Saturday morning reptile/wildlife exhibits and sponsored the park’s annual volunteer appreciation dinner in December 2012.

“We’re only getting started. We’ve got lots of plans and are so excited to be working to support this great Park,” said FOCSP President Pam Ludwig.

The Friends of Catalina State Park was established by a small group of local residents who share a love for the park and want to encourage others who feel the same way to get involved in supporting the park too. Anyone interested in becoming a Friend of Catalina State Park or make a donation can visit the website at www.FriendsCSP.org.

To have questions answered, email friendscsp@gmail.com.

In addition to their dedication and commitment to the park, volunteers bring a wealth of invaluable skills as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, welders, naturalists, teachers, and landscapers. There are a lot of volunteer opportunities at Catalina State Park –assisting with park and campground maintenance, visitor services, and the gift shop.

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