63000 block of East Squash Blossom

63000 block of East Squash Blossom

Saturday morning shortly before 11 a.m, Golder Ranch Fire District Units responded to the 63000 block of East Squash Blossom for a reported drowning.

Crews responded in less than 5 minutes to find a 77-year-old male face down in a pond in the families yard. Despite rescue efforts by the crew the male patient was pronounced dead on the scene.

Golder Ranch Fire wants to remind everyone that no matter what the age it is important to follow the ABC’s of pool safety.

A-    always have adult supervision

B-    Barriers

C-    Classes- know CRP, and teach your children how to swim

This was an adult patient with an unknown down time. So if you are going to be working around water, please let someone know in case of an emergency. You can go to www.grfdaz.gov for additional information about the District, along with many safety tips for you and your family.

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