If your daily routine has you wanting more out of life, you’re not alone. Work, chores and other day-to-day responsibilities may make the concept of “living life on one’s own terms” sound unattainable.

However, a positive attitude and some diligence can help you attain your goals, say experts.

For example, author and artist J.W. Winslow believes that you can find your happiness with some hard work and positive dreams. The rewards for doing so are immeasurable.

“Finding outlets for creative expression is crucial to living a full, rich life. Whether you’re writing books, music or poetry, or painting a picture, it is a high like no other to create something beautiful, different or unexpected. Open your mind and let the vision come out, try something new and escape,” says Winslow, who created the new Big Sur Trilogy, “Mystic Adventures in Big Sur,” a collection of novels informed by her Hollywood childhood and life in Big Sur, California.

Winslow believes that if people did what they loved to do from the beginning, we would thrive in a better world with a “live and let live” attitude.

As a model of what it means to make a life out of your hopes and dreams, she is offering some insights to help inspire others:

• When you make bold decisions, you will attract naysayers. Be brave and unafraid of the fallout or the people who doubt you.

• Despite the myth that the creative life is easy and simple, it’s not always the case. Discipline and grit are key components, so be prepared to work hard.

• Attaining freedom and personal power may require you to stand up for yourself. Don’t be afraid to have a voice and be heard!.

• Live out your life where you are most inspired. “For me, it’s Big Sur, where the wild drumbeat of waves and wind make a cacophony of sounds. There is a magic to this place,” says Winslow. ”Find the spot that makes you come alive!

• It is the human condition to take life for granted. In the glare of the fast lane, don’t forget the simple things that mean the most -- family, friends, connecting with nature. Be humble and compassionate.

• The only way to find out what you are missing is to jump into the fray and see what happens.

More information about J.W. Winslow and “Mystic Adventures in Big Sur” is available online at www.jwwinslow.com.

Don’t let your life pass you by. Discover what it is that will make you happy and fulfilled and take steps to realize your dreams.

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