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The iPad Air is a great electronic gift this year.

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(StatePoint) No matter how hard we try, life just won’t slow down. And with the increasing need to be connected all the time, a few minutes off the grid could mean missing out on something. That’s why there are more options than ever to find the perfect tech gift for people with very busy schedules.

Whether you need a gift a frequent traveler, a sleep-deprived student, or a parent constantly shuttling between errands, these gifts can fit their needs for any occasion:

Frequent Traveler

For someone who is always traveling for work or constantly seeking out a new adventure, consider a gift card to an e-book store, so he or she will always have something to read on a tablet while waiting to take off.


Students are busier than ever before. Relentlessly running between classes, club meetings and internships (and maybe a party or two), students need a device that is easy to carry around, like the HP Spectre13 x2.

The HP Spectre13 x2 is a 2 in 1 Ultrabook designed to be fast and lightweight whether it’s operating as a tablet or a PC. The device offers access to photos, music and more, even while on-the-go.

With a notebook and tablet in one, students can take down notes in Physics class and then use the same device to listen to music using Beats Audio on the walk across campus. For more information, visit www.hp.com.

Busy Parent

While you can’t give busy parents more hours in the day, there are some gifts that could make their lives a bit easier.

Consider a gift that connects everything they want at once, such as HP Connected. While parents never know when they’ll need to share that adorable picture of their kid’s first trip to the zoo, with HP Connected – which is included in new HP PCs and tablets or available as an app for download -- they can always be prepared. HP Connected Photo offers seamless access to photos from mobile devices or social media sites like Facebook in one location -- and parents can make the most of these photos by printing them or even creating cards and invitations directly from the application.

In addition, with HP Connected Music they can enjoy their favorite tunes around the home or on-the-go. No matter how busy they get, parents can still be completely connected.

So get a gift that fits a busy schedule. Your thoughtful gift will be appreciated.

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