n the coming weeks, Splendido, Tucson’s all-inclusive community for adults 55 and better, will begin offering its residents a 24-hour health information service from the Mayo Clinic called Ask Mayo Clinic. 

With this service, residents who may be unsure whether they need medical attention or are struggling to interpret symptoms can call the Ask Mayo Clinic telephone line to speak with a registered nurse and receive qualified medical consultation, or access online symptom assessment for medical advice, self-care tips or even potentially lifesaving interventions. 

“We are thrilled to be able to offer residents the resources of the Mayo Clinic, which is quite literally a worldwide leader in medical care and education,” says Gail Rankin, the administrator of Splendido’s health center, Sonora. The Mayo Clinic’s patient care locations serve nearly 1.2 million patients; their research and Ask Mayo Clinic programs help them reach many more.

While some residents may receive a similar service though private insurance plans, not everyone does, so Splendido will introduce the service in response to requests by residents.

The service will save Splendido residents both time and money as, according to Mayo Clinic, over two-thirds of Ask Mayo Clinic users intended to seek care they may not have ended up needing for their specific situation but, having made the call, saved themselves steep ER fees and lengthy wait times. The service is not intended to replace regular medical care, or be used as a substitute for emergency response systems. 

“With Ask Mayo Clinic as a 24-hour resource, our residents can be proactive about their own health,” Rankin says. “They are able to determine their medical treatment needs independently, effectively, and at any hour of the day.”

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