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Olympian remembers winning the gold


Splendido resident, Dr. Earl Terp, has competed in numerous Senior Olympics events and garnered scores of medals through his years of competition. A longtime recreational swimmer, Terp began competitive swimming for his high school team in Chicago, and never hung up his swim trunk when he retired to Splendido, where he regularly uses the community’s saline pool and enjoys fitness in retirement. 

“Swimming is a sport that you can use your entire life, and it was an important part of our decision to move here,” said Terp, who lives at Splendido with his wife. A fairly quiet man, when asked, Terp says he is most proud of the Gold medal he won in a team relay event. The retired dentist lights up when he tells the story of working together with a team of other area athletes to win the Gold. Brought in at the last minute to fill a vacant spot on the team, Terp tells the story of racing not only in the water, but for his team to get their paperwork in on time. “It was terrific!”