If you’re like most people, you have probably contemplated one of life’s greatest mysteries, what happens after death?

While every religion and system of belief has an opinion on the topic, a new book finds patterns in the testimonies of hundreds of people who have been on the brink of death and lived to tell about it. And some believe these patterns are not a coincidence. 

“Near death experiences are very real,” says Reverend John W. Price, the author of “Revealing Heaven, The Christian Case for Near-Death Experiences.”

As an Episcopal priest and member of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, Price, has had over 200 such experiences related to him during his over 40 years of church service,  and feels these stories should be shouted from the rooftops.

Many near death stories are remarkably similar -- a sensation of leaving one’s body and heading toward a light, accompanied by overwhelming feelings of love and euphoria. The scientific community has presented a variety of biological explanations and findings in order to explain these phenomena -- attributing the sensations to the effects of drugs and medication, oxygen deprivation and abnormal brain function.

However, others see the shared features of near death experiences as comforting proof of the existence of an afterlife, and even a powerful guide for how we should live our lives now.

“Not everyone who returns comes back with a positive story. Some have shared distressing, hellish accounts,” says Price. “But while you are still on Earth, there are opportunities to turn things around. Anyone who lives a good life and practices kindness, no matter what their faith or beliefs are, can experience heaven.”

More information about Price’s new book “Revealing Heaven” can be found at www.bit.ly/JohnWPrice.

Whether you’re in the camp of science, faith or somewhere in between, near death experiences, heaven and the possibility of an afterlife are hot topics in the world of literature right now, offering curious minds plenty of avenues for exploring the possibilities.

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John Flanagan

Sorry to disappoint some of you whose imaginations drift toward the paranormal and the bizarre, including some of my fellow Christians ignorant of the Bible's declared conclusions on the matter. When it comes to the reality of death, it is a final condition, and being in a near death scenario is the edge of death, not death. One is either dead or alive. The heart may stop beating during surgery, but if the doctors restore the patient quickly, the patient was not truly dead. Millions of people whose hearts stop will never recover, regardless of the skill of the attending physicians. Once life is gone the soul rises and the body is left to decompose. The individual who has received Jesus as Lord and Savior, based on the grace of God and repentance of one's sins, will immediately go into the presence of God. The unsaved person who based his or her eternal destiny on good works alone, and who rejected the grace of God in Christ's atonement on the cross, will go to a place of silence until recalled at the Judgment. At the Judgment day, there will be two, and only two conclusions. One will be saved or lost. The saved will spend eternity in Heaven, while the lost will be eternally damned to Hell.

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