Want to age well in 2014? Start Jan. 1

Pursuing passions and making time for hobbies and interests, such as cycling, is part of what helps people age well. Splendido will host a Health & Wellness Day Jan. 29 and the public, age 55 and better, is invited to attend.

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The simple act of making a New Year’s resolution gives you a head start over those who avoid the annual tradition. Research has shown that those of us who make resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking or otherwise strive for self-improvement have greater rates of success for meeting those goals (or any goals) than people who don’t make resolutions.

In other words, setting personal goals pays off. So if you want to age well in 2014 through exercise, more time with friends, or advancing to the “Very Hard” level of Sudoku puzzles, then get off to a good start by stating your goal to someone or writing it down. That small act is your giant step toward a new way to age well in the New Year!

A Look at Local Resolutions

Looking for some fresh ideas on how to age well? We asked a few locals what they have in mind for 2014. Satish Hiremath, the mayor of Oro Valley, says, “My plan for Aging Well is to not look past the current day. I’ve found that when you live your life event to event, you miss the time in between. By not anticipating what’s coming up, you can live each day for what that day has to offer.” Sheryl Brooks, RN, Specialist at Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa, is already enjoying a healthy lifestyle, and says, “Nothing will change for me in 2014. But I will renew my commitment to being fit and healthy. I seek out any opportunity to move my body—I ride my bicycle, hike, walk, and jog—but I also park farther away from my destination so that I have farther to walk. The more I move, the more energy I have!”

Daniel G. Sharp, the Oro Valley chief of police, plans to incorporate emotional wellness in his plans to age well: “I have found happiness to be the key to healthy living,” he says. “In 2014, I plan on continuing to keep this in mind while I pursue healthy eating habits along with a range of physical activities.”

As for Dorothy Vanek, age 87, she has been a resident of Splendido for over seven years, and she attributes her health and energy to staying active. “I Age Well by staying very, very busy,” she states. “In my busiest times, I have three or four events per day. I serve on all kinds of boards and sponsor a lot of things. I’m on the board for the Oro Valley Community Foundation and the new [Tucson Desert Song Festival], and I’m a sponsor of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. I’m having fun out of life, and I’m taking care of me. My doctor says I’m in better shape than I was 30 years ago!”

Aging Well at Splendido

If you are age 55 and better, perhaps you’re considering aging well by reclaiming the time you spend on home maintenance and chores, and using it for the activities you love or have always wanted to try. Tom Rios, experience director at Splendido, says, “I see so many Splendido residents enthusiastically pursuing opportunities to discover (or rediscover) their passions and dreams. The lifestyle they enjoy, along with the wealth of amenities and programs we offer, all add up to the ideal setting for living and aging well, no matter how you choose to do so.”

Splendido offers all-inclusive, resort-style living through the 10,000-square-foot Saluté Spa & Fitness Center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, 24-hour concierge, multiple restaurants and lounges, an 18-hole putting course and movie theater.

On Wednesday, Jan. 29, starting at 8 a.m., Splendido is hosting a Health & Wellness Day that is open to those 55 and better. There is no cost to attend but reservations are required. The health fair will consist of more than 30 vendors, including cholesterol and glucose screenings. If you’d like to receive more details or reserve your spot, please call 878-2612 or e-mail info@splendidotucson.com.

To learn more about Splendido, visit www.splendidotucson.com.

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