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Precinct map for the Northwest.

What are Constables and a Justice of the Peace:

In Arizona, the Justice Courts are responsible for petty offenses and misdemeanor crimes, civil matters under $10,000 and small claims under $2,500.00.

The Justice of the Peace is the elected Judge of the Justice Court.

The Constable is the elected law enforcement officer who serves as the Executive Branch of the Court.

Constables are empowered to serve all process given to them by the Justice of the Peace or other competent authority.

The process includes service of criminal and civil subpoenas and summonses, writs of restitution (eviction orders), writs of execution (orders to collect judgments), writs of replevin (orders to seize property), orders of protection and injunctions against harassment as well as any other orders from the courts.

Constables may also be involved in the sale of seized property and summoning jurors for trials.

Constable Precinct 1

John Rademaker

John Rademaker (Dem), is running for Constable for Pima County Justice Precinct 1. In doing so, he plans to take his background working with the Pima County Sheriff Auxiliary Volunteers as the Deputy Director of Field Operations and Emergency Response in addition to his current job of being an Animal Control Officer with the county to better serve the Catalina Foothills, Oro Valley, Catalina and Summerhaven.

“I’ve done a lot of stuff with the sheriffs department on a volunteer basis for the past five years or so. I have had a lot of exposure to all kinds of different things through that. My real, true law enforcement has been for the last two and half years as an animal control officer for the county. As such, I am responsible for enforcing state, county and local municipal laws regarding animal ownership and animal welfare.”

Rademaker believes his background with working with animal control and animal owners will help him with dealing with the confrontational situations that arise on a regular basis serving people eviction notices and serving orders of protections.

“I’ve worked with the courts, I testify in courts all the time. I think I have a good background.”

Rademaker said the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police endorses him

His website is

David Lester

David Lester, (Rep), is the incumbent running for Constable for Pima County Justice Precinct 1.

Lester, who is seeking a reelection for a third term, believes he has been able to establish the office of precinct 1 by saving tax payer’s dollars and cutting the overhead spending. He said he cut the spending by 80 percent from his predecessor eight years ago.

“We have become more efficient, doing trips at times when I know I am going to serve people. Also, for me, it is a personal venture to do my community service.”

Lester, who said he has the endorsement from the Pima County Sheriffs Deputy Association and by the other constables, because they all work together.

“I offer extremely prompt service. When papers come through the justice court, they are served that day. For the last eight years, I have let nothing set.

“I have proven myself to be very dependable, very polite and very professional.”

He said he is very passionate about the position he has held and believes even though his position is an elected position, it is the job of a true public servant.

“For me it is a passion to try to keep my kids safe, try to keep all the kids safe. I am very involved with the schools. I am very involved with the community. It is my community, too.”

His website is

Constable Precinct 4

Jim Driscoll

Jim Driscoll, (Dem) is the incumbent running for Constable for Pima County Justice Precinct 4.

Driscoll worked for four years as a security police officer for the U.S. Air Force, then worked as a sheriff in Austin, TX. He then worked with the Tucson Police Department until he retired.

He was elected in 2008 and is seeking reelection and thinks he is better suited for the position because he said he is entrenched with the constable’s office, the Pima County Sherriff’s Department, the Tucson Police Department and the courts.

“I understand the job and I know what it takes to do this job. One thing I think my opponent doesn’t understand, it is not a safe job. It is kind of dangerous at times. With all of my training and all of my background, I feel safe not only for myself but for the public.”

He said even though it is sometimes simply serving people paperwork, it is usually paperwork they don’t necessarily want.

Driscoll feels he is a resource for those people who might not understand why they are being evicted or why there is an order of protection against them.

“You are not always necessarily the bearer of bad news, even though you have bad news. You can be a constable that looks at their job as customer service on both sides. Not only for the plaintiff or the state, but for the defendant or the party receiving what ever paperwork they are receiving.”

His website is

Beryl Baker

Beryl Baker, (GRN), is running against Jim Driscoll for Constable for Pima County Justice Precinct 4.

Along being a neighborhood activist and working with her neighbors, the native Tucsonan brings her experience of gathering agricultural statistics to the table where she is used to approaching and dealing with strangers where she asks for and gets their cooperation. 

“I think I’ll bring a new perspective to the job,” she said. “I’ll probably be bringing, because I am female, a more sensitive perspective to the job in these troubled times.”

Though she doesn’t think the incumbent treats people insensitively, she does believe an elected position should have turnover and not be a career position.

With her getting the position, Baker says she will bring a kind-nature to the precinct.

“I think you should approach everybody respectively,” Baker said. “As a servant of the court, it is not your job to be a judge. Your job is to serve. So it is not your job to go out and assume whomever you are serving is guilty of anything. It is your job only to go out and serve the papers in the most effective way that you can that doesn’t cause more agitation for the situation.”

Knowing that the county properly trains and educates each new constable the proper way to do their job, Baker feels, if elected, she would be capable of performing the duties required.

“In this case, we’re expecting (the constables) to be following the regulations, and following the laws, and following what their role is.”

Running unopposed

Constable Precinct 6

Bennett Bernal (Dem)

Constable Precinct 10

Vince Roberts (Rep)

Pima County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4

Carmen Dolny (Dem)

Pima County Justice of the Peace Precinct 6

Paul Simon (Dem)

Pima County Justice of the Peace Precinct 10

Jack Peyton (Rep)

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