In response to the two Opinion Letters “Obama is hiding something” and “Obama should open his records” published on August 22, clearly this is yet another example of false rumors being spread in an effort to persuade the gullible.  I also fault the Explorer - while these indeed are opinion letters, to print two together without an editorial correction is only condoning such action.

If one does their homework, the Executive Order in question is 13489.  President Obama is not sealing his records as these writers claim, he is actually doing the opposite - rescinding Presidential Order 13233 authored by then-President George W. Bush, which did put forth restrictions on Presidential records.  Do your homework, and stop believing mass e-mails and unsubstantiated letters-to-the-editor.

I believe that 9 Supreme Court Justices, the 535 members of Congress, not to mention the major, credible, news agencies (including FOX) would prevent any run for President if the candidate did not meet the birth criteria established in our U.S. Constitution.  To take away our Constitutional rights?  Two-thirds of Congress can propose an Amendment or 2/3 of State Legislatures can call for a Constitutional Convention.  Both of which require a 3/4 vote of approval by the States for ratification.  The President alone cannot take away our right to bear arms.  A “Socialist”, or worse, “Communist”?  Clearly another area where people conveniently forget basic 8th Grade Civics.  As an American, I take umbrage to any connection to these regimes - to say “It can happen here” only shows ignorance of how our American system works.

Am I saying our system is perfect? By no means - but if we are to make any step forward, we must put aside these petty lies and look at real issues and facts.  What has a candidate done in their past, and what does a candidate promise to do if elected or re-elected?  I have yet to hear much of these elements from either side.  Instead of spreading petty lies, these are the questions that we need to be asking... no... demanding of our leaders.

 Hank Rowe,


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