would like to clarify some aspects of “Obamacare”. The Affordable Care Act so far has given citizens many benefits. Young adults can remain on their parent’s policy. A benefit my own daughters could not have even when they wanted to buy private insurance in that critical time between graduating from college and finding a job. The cost was prohibitive for them. 

Insurance companies cannot deny you for pre-existing conditions, cannot charge women higher prices. As a medicare recipient, first of all, I do have to pay a premium every month. It is not gratis. Also I paid in to Medicare with every paycheck for all my working years. How can this be an entitlement? The insurance companies wanting to make outrageous profits sounds more like an “entitlement” mentality to me. Secondly I love it Medicare. My questions are answered in an efficient friendly manner when I call; much better then my experiences with private insurers. Medicare covers many health screenings as well. Obama did not put his hand in the cookie jar. The money saved by cutting out the middleman is now put into the donut hole.

Also, the new law implements outcomes as part of the payment equation and also patient satisfaction. In addition, the Affordable Care Act authorizes money for nursing programs. As a nurse and a recent advocate in the hospital for a loved one I can tell you nursing care is critical and can make the difference between life and death.


Edna Silva,


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