In response to Elaine Scop’s letter regarding Ending Mail-in Early Ballots, I would suggest that Ms. Scop is out of line on this one.  I’m 66 years old, and have voted in every single election for which I was eligible, sometimes even standing in line in a Minnesota snowstorm.  

I’ve voted by mail in every election since I moved to Arizona because it’s available and happens to be convenient. If Arizona did not have early mail-in voting, I would go and stand in line like I always have, but since mail-in voting is available, I choose to exercise my voting privilege by that particular method.  

The simple fact of availing myself of mail-in voting does not make me lazy, and I would challenge Ms. Scop to meet me for a cup of coffee, hear my life’s story, and then decide based on the merits whether I am as lazy as she seems to think I am.  

Sorry Ms. Scop, taking advantage of mail-in voting does not make one lazy.  Have a nice day, though, and if you’re successful in your quest to end mail-in voting, I’ll be happy to stand in line again to exercise my voting privilege.

Don Orton,


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