My name is Jeffrey Hill and I am a former State Senator. As one of the Senate Conferees in 1979-1980, which wrote the current property tax system and protections into our treasured Constitution and statutes, I am outraged by Prop. 117. Vested special interests are attempting to take advantage of the current downturn in our economy with the introduction of Prop. 117. This is not a simplification of the property tax system. Prop. 117 does not lower our taxes. Don’t be fooled.

Why is Prop. 117 harmful? It does not limit, simplify or lower actual taxes. It is unnecessary, unconstitutional and does not accomplish what the supporters claim it does.  It means a shift of more tax burden to homeowners, retirees, those on fixed incomes, and local businesses. It comes to light that many of the state legislators that voted for this did not know the consequences of Prop. 117. Were they bamboozled? We now know Prop. 117 is bad for Arizona. Don’t be fooled. Reality check: There are Constitutional protections on property tax in effect now for homeowners, along with the homeowner’s annual rebate.  Arizona now ranks nationwide as one of the better states for low homeowner property tax. Don’t saddle us with California’s bad budget practices. Vote “NO” on Prop. 117! Go to for more information.


Jeffrey J. Hill,


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