This 2012 election cycle is the most important election in our lifetime.  We need leaders with proven records in loyalty, business and professionalism.   Residents need to be informed about the candidates.  This letter deals with Senate candidate Dr. Rich Carmona.  On paper, Dr. Carmona’s resume is impressive, but in recent days I took the opportunity to research Dr. Carmona.  Let me share some of my research related to his loyalty, business acumen and professionalism.  The following are three opportunities/examples of Dr. Carmona’s true interests...which is that he is only interested in himself and not that of representing the interests of serving the interests of Arizonians. (1) As the trauma surgeon selected to be running a local Arizona medical center’s program, Dr. Carmona was more interested in his financial returns than in the success of a very complex trauma program. Traditionally a trauma program only gets, if lucky, $.50 on the dollar. This did not stop Dr. Carmona from getting his money, as he sued the medical center for his perceived portion.  (2) Dr. Carmona was then selected to run the Pima County Medical Center, Kino Hospital.  County hospitals are extremely complex in their financial funding and day-to-day operations.  

Dr. Carmona was unable to meet let alone succeed in the challenges while he was CEO.  (3) His next opportunity to serve and represent Arizonians was when President George Bush appointed Dr. Carmona to Surgeon General.  But what did Dr. Carmona do? He “bashed Bush”.  I guess this is why he is now running as a Democrat.  As an interested political reader, you have a choice. The best choice?  Jeff Flake has given tirelessly and successfully to the Arizonians he has served. 

 Jeff Flake is loyal, business-minded, and professional.  The three ingredients we need to serve as our next Senator.


Bill Listug,


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