Paul Babeu’s lies never quit — they just get more outrageous. His latest target is Pinal County Attorney James Walsh, and why is he going after Mr. Walsh? Because he can’t control him, that’s why.  Attorney Walsh has stood up to Babeu’s bullying and has refused to cave in to his ridiculous demands. Because there’s nothing in Walsh’s record or performance to criticize, Babeu has been flat out making stuff up. He throws out crazy numbers that have already been discredited by the experts about how Walsh never puts anyone in jail. It’s nonsense of course — and frankly, if the sheriff is that worried about criminals in the county, he should go out and find them, which is his job, rather than spend his time and taxpayer money campaigning for himself and his friends. He’s so busy promoting Voyles, (who is his designated flunky), Cheryl Chase (his hand-picked supervisor candidate — and employee!) that he doesn’t have a minute to spare to actually do his job. James Walsh is about the only one in the county who can and will stand up to this bully. He’s also honest, professional and ethical. Please give him your vote.

Mary Desio, Apache Junction

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