Jo Holt

Jo Holt

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild recently announced his endorsement of Jo Holt, Democratic candidate for the AZ State Senate in District 11. Of Holt, Mayor Rothschild said: “Jo Holt is exactly what our state legislature needs. A retired research scientist, Jo knows how to solve problems, stick to a budget and produce results. She is a pragmatist who will represent the people of her district regardless of their political affiliation. ”

The new LD 11 includes the towns of Oro Valley and Marana in Pima County, and the city of Maricopa along with parts of Casa Grande in Pinal County. Jo has been traveling across the district, meeting with citizens that are as unique and diverse as the district itself. Her platform reflects the beliefs of the district: support traditional public education, create jobs, and invest in renewable energy. Jo believes that these goals can only be met by fighting against the influence of special interests, which is why she is proud to be a Clean Elections candidate.

Mayor Rothschild says that he would cast his ballot for Jo if he could. “Jo is the right person to help make the right choices for our state. I wholeheartedly endorse Jo Holt for AZ State Senate.”

Learn more at and on the Holt4Senate Facebook page at

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So look at the condition of Tucson (potholes), Pima Co, (potholes) PCC (corruption) and TUSD (broke). Now weigh the value of any Tucson endorsement. This candidate has shown the inability to read a State budget, can't make up her mind on Prop 204, and does not know what Prop 115 is all about. Never worked a day in the "real" world. Said that being 4th in the country in job creation and #1 in small biz startups was "not good enough". Holt is a kumbya candidate that makes Nancy Young Wright look like a statesman.


Okay, I can tell a Melvin leech when I see one. Of course Tucson has problems but they are hardly the fault of Mayor Rothschild who has only been in office about a year. He inherited a mess from his REPUBLICAN predecessor. Also not sure what "inability to read state budget" "Scooper" is referring to. Jo Holt, unlike Senator Melvin does understand budgeting and the $3 Billion that our state legislature has cut from public education since 2008 - the largest cut in the nation in per pupil spending. Jo also has made up her mind on Prop 204. She supports it, even though she doesn't consider it ideal because it is a regressive tax. As she has stated, it is a desperate measure in desperate times -- with a state legislature that is obviously focused on "starving" traditional public education. This attack on Jo is just evidence that her opponent is worried because he knows Jo has what it takes to put THE PEOPLE back in charge in Phoenix!

Buddy Joe

"The sky is falling!" Fear is a tactic that might work on people who are working harder and harder to make ends meet, with the, so called "jobs" that the AZ Leg. has created, and no time to study politics. These jobs aren't quality, sustainable jobs that let people have the dignity and quality of life that Mr. Melvin grew up on. Two jobs, no family life, and no benefits, because each job is "part time."
Let's get back to America's roots of strength--EVERYONE is entitled to a quality education. Every school should be a good school. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," and every mind has the potential to solve a problem, given educational "exercise."


Her opponent and his cronies have made AZ fodder for latenight comedy and it isn't funny. Public education and Kids Care have been cut to the bone. Melvin alienates by stating Memorial Day is for "Christian soldiers" and "only Republicans are patriots because Democrats don't fly the flag".... Jo Holt is above such partisan nonsense and will represent our district by supporting public education and promoting renewable energy. Corporations should be paying their fair share in AZ . Jo will make the right choices!

suzanne higgins

Jo Holt is a brilliant woman, a highly trained scientist, and a very involved candidate who has been traveling constantly throughout LD 11 to LISTEN to the needs and concerns of her potential constituents. I have heard her debate her opponent, Al Melvin, and she was awesome. At one point her quoted a French company to tout one of his stances and Jo, very current on her research, shared that the company was no longer doing what Melvin was touting. Listen to her; she is not a hugely partisan candidate as far as doing what is healthy for Arizona. She wants more jobs and better educational opportunities for Arizona kids. Our spending on education is DISMAL and we must improve or Arizona will become less and less competitive and attractive to businesses that might otherwise consider locating here. Get to know her positions; you might be quite impressed!!!


Jonathan Rothschild is a smart guy who attended CDO & cares about our community. In just a short time he's proven to be Tucson's best Mayor in the 44 years that I've lived here. His endorsement of Jo Holt is a real tribute to Jo & a rebuke to Al Melvin's unbalanced approach to governing.

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