The Western Growers Association today announced that its endorsed Jeff Flake in the race for U.S. Senate in Arizona. In its announcement, Western Growers President and CEO Tom Nassif said:

“Over the years Jeff Flake has been our champion on several very important issues faced by farmers in Arizona. Jeff is a strong advocate for decreasing governmental regulations that our members face. During his years in Congress he has pushed for sensible solutions to our immigration crisis, and we look forward to his leadership in the Senate to finally create a system that addresses our critical need for a stable and legal workforce.

“Jeff knows what’s at stake not just for farmers, but for all Americans, if the domestic supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and tree nuts goes offshore because farm workers can’t get visas or the legal status to work here. Rep. Flake is always ready to listen, learn and act in the best interests of his constituents. We are pleased to endorse him for U.S. Senate.”

Since 1926, The Western Growers Association has represented local and regional family farmers growing fresh produce in Arizona and California. Its members provide half the nation’s fresh fruits and vegetables including a third of America’s fresh organic produce. For more information about the Western Growers, visit

Jeff Flake is a fifth-generation Arizonan, raised on a ranch in Snowflake. Jeff understands and appreciates the importance of our state’s unique issues. In Congress, he has worked with Senators Kyl and McCain to protect Arizona’s precious natural resources and economic interests -- and that will continue to be a priority of his in the Senate.

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at

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