Imagine, for a moment, that you are the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. You have exhausted every avenue available to you trying to obtain more security for yourself and your people. You have been thwarted at every turn, and a major portion of your security team has been pulled out to “normalize relations”. 

You see the machine gun fire and the mortar shells landing in your consulate, as you run for your life into a “safe” room in the compound. You hear the terrorists screaming outside while the odor of the diesel fuel they are splashing everywhere permeates into your safe haven. When they ignite it, you smell the smoke and cough repeatedly as your vision dims and you find it harder to breathe. As you pass out from smoke inhalation, you know you will never complete your Libyan mission, nor will you see your family again. You have no idea that your bosses will try to downplay this event to ensure their re-election. Six weeks after your death the facts regarding security lapses and unheeded warnings will still not be clear. 

Now imagine that you are a U.S. Voter whose vote can be cast to ensure this type of negligence and cover-up never happens in this manner again. Jimmy Carter was president in 1979 when the last American Ambassador was killed in the line of duty. His was a well-deserved one-term presidency. We need to extend the same courtesy to our current president. 


Brian Goff,

Oro Valley

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