A majority of college students don't care. Want to know why? They are lazy and I'm here speaking as a college student myself. For the most part, college is about doing whatever you want and not really caring about anything outside of friends and school. Politics doesn't fit into either of those categories. So I'd have to say that most just don't care and find politics rather boring.

I don't think laziness is all of it. I believe the top reason is that college students don't think that the decisions made in the political sphere will affect them. Adults who have full-time jobs, a home, and a family are being affected more directly by the decisions made in government. So, if it's not affecting them right now, why worry and bother about it? Can't that just be worried and dealt with later?

Let's be real here. College students need to be more involved with politics. Doesn't mean they have to live and breath it, but they should be knowledgeable about current issues that we are facing. It's important because college life only lasts four years and adult life lasts for as many as 60 or more years.

I speak for myself when saying that college students need to stop thinking that politics are not important. It is worth the time. Besides, if college students aren't educated or up to date on different political issues, then how are they going to vote for the best candidate? They won't. Might as well fill every other bubble just for the heck of it.

It wasn't until this last year that I even started getting more interested into politics. I was one of those students that didn't care and didn't think it really affected me. Yeah, I was wrong. It may not affect me a lot right now but it will. So I guess my suggestion for college students is this: care about your future by becoming more knowledgeable about the decisions made in government. Don't forget, our future is right around the corner.

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