Legislative District 11 Clean Elections Debate

The Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission held a debate night at Pima Community College Northwest Campus.

J.D. Fitzgerald/The Explorer

General Election


Arizona voters will decide only three statewide propositions on the November ballot because, for the first time in decades, there are no voter initiatives on the ballot.

The first two propositions were placed on the ballot by the Arizona Legislature.

Proposition 122

Proposition 122 would allow the Arizona Legislature or a vote of the people to ban the use of any state money or resources to implement a federal law that they determined was too over-reaching.

“It empowers the citizens of Arizona to decide, as new laws come up, whether they are a benefit to Arizona or not,” said former state lawmaker Jonathan Paton, a political consultant who is helping pass the measure. “We should have checks and balances and this is a simple, straightforward way of doing that.”

Proposition 303

If approved, Proposition 303 would allow terminally-ill patients to use experimental drugs in an effort to prolong their lives.

State lawmaker Bruce Wheeler (D-Tucson) voted in favor of putting the proposition on the ballot because he believed it made sense to allow people who are dying to try experimental drugs that haven’t yet passed the FDA approval process but show promise. He added that there were enough safeguards put into the proposed law to make sure that snake-oil salesmen would not be able to deliver false hope while taking money from sick people.

“If you’re terminally ill, you agree to do it, and a drug shows promise, why the hell not?” Wheeler said.

Proposition 415

The third statewide proposition was placed on the ballot by the Commission on Salaries for Elective State Officers. 

If approved, Proposition 415 would raise state lawmakers’ salaries from the current $24,000 to $35,000 annually.

Pima County propositions

Pima County voters will be asked to approve Proposition 415, a $22 million bond to build a new animal-care center to replace the aging facility on Silverbell Road. 

If approved, the bond would result in an annual property-tax hike of $3.90 on a home worth $147,800.

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