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Candidate Q&A - State House District 11 - Jo Grant

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Posted: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 10:33 am


Why are you running for office?

I’m running for my 3 grandchildren. I want them to receive a quality education and graduate from high school prepared to enter the work force or attend college. I want them to be able to get a job in Arizona.

What do you think are your main qualifications to serve in a public office?

In 2013, I retired after running the Southern Arizona Office of the Arizona State Senate and House of Representatives for 26 year. All total I’ve worked for the Arizona Legislative for over 30 years. I have the experience to be a State Representative. I’m a mother, grandmother, school board member and active in the community.

What are your objections to your opponent?

They don’t have the experience that I have working for the Arizona Legislature, serving on the Amphitheater School Board and my involvement in the community.

What are the most important problems facing the district/town right now? What would you do about trying to solve them?

Jobs - We live in a very competitive global economy and we need to have the effective tools to attract and expand jobs to Arizona. We must develop an environment that retains and attracts businesses to our state.

Who is supporting your candidacy?

To date, I’ve received the endorsement of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Arizona Education Association, Arizona Nurses Association and the Medical Association and the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association. Please check out my website – – for further endorsements.

Will you run a negative campaign? No

How much of your own money will be spent on the campaign?

I’ve donated $1,000 to my campaign.

What experience have you had that qualifies you to become an officeholder?

I worked for the Arizona Legislature for over 30 years. The last 26 years I was the Legislative Coordinator for the Southern Arizona Office of the Senate and House of Representatives. I listened to Southern Arizonans and helped solve their problems. I understand the legislative process.


What will your first action be once elected?

Vote for a Speaker of the House

How do you describe yourself philosophically?

Goldwater Republican

Do you support drug testing of employees by businesses? Yes

Should the government provide money to private businesses in order to improve the economy?

I support public/private partnerships; however, there has to be transparency and measurements.

What are your feelings regarding the Second Amendment and gun laws?


How do you feel about background checks, and increasing requirements to buy a gun?

Support background checks at gun shows

What should be done to address the issues involving mental health and gun laws that have resulted in mass shootings in California and Tucson for example?

This is a very complicated issue and involves privacy rights. I will work with the mental health community to address this issue. The important thing is that people with mental illness receive therapy and medication.

How do you feel about campaign finance reform?

I will follow all the campaign finance laws.

What will you do to bring jobs to your district?

First of all we must develop an environment that retains and attracts businesses to Arizona. A strong education (kindergarten – 12, career and technical education, community college and university) system is vital to our economy. The bioscience and technology industries are expanding in Southern Arizona. I will work with our local communities and the University of Arizona, to attract these industries to our state.

What is your opinion regarding health care in the state?

We must improve access to care. It is a known fact that access to health care services outside major metropolitan areas is limited at best. The University of Arizona School of Health Sciences are leaders in the development of telemedicine technology. I strongly believe that technology is the way of the future in the arenas of education, communication and commerce. The delivery of health care is no exception – technology will be the way to bridge the gap of distance and workforce shortages.

What should be done about the immigration issue?

The Arizona border should be open for legal trade and tourism. The federal government must provide the Border Patrol all resources it needs to do its job.

Do you support term limits?

The voters passed term limits. Every 2 years the voters have the opportunity to vote someone in or out of office.

What are you feelings regarding the issue of abortion?


How do you feel about same sex marriages?

In 2008 the voters passed an amendment to the Arizona Constitution defining marriage between and man and woman.

What are your views on public education / private schools / homeschooling?

A strong education system is vital for every child in Arizona. Arizona has been the national leader in school choice and I support the ability of parents to choose within our current system. However, our first and largest responsibility is still to provide a quality education to every child and we do that by adequately funding the public school system.

What can be done to improve the quality of education in your district?

I will tackle the issue of unfunded mandates. The Arizona Legislature has continued to cut spending to education; especially capital funding. These are the funds school districts need to maintain their schools and keep them safe.

Do you favor/oppose placing a cap on the amount property taxes could be raised in a year? If so, what should the cap be?



Have you ever been arrested? If so, what was the charge? Were you convicted?


Have you ever been the subject of a formal complaint submitted to a law enforcement agency?


Have you ever sued another person or business entity? If so, why? What was the outcome of the case?


Have you ever been subjected to a lawsuit? If so, why? What was the outcome of the case?

A small claims dispute in 1998 which was settled

Have you been divorced?

Yes I was divorced in 1978 and remarried in 1981 to Jeff Grant who passed away in January 2013.


Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy?


Have you ever been an owner or partner in a business that filed for bankrupcy?


Have you ever been involved in a foreclosure or been evicted?


If asked, will you release your personal tax returns?

It depends on the purpose


Have you worked, or volunteered, for any candidates or campaigns?

I worked on my late husband’s, Jeff Grant, school board race.

Have you ever publicly endorsed any candidate for party or public office?


Have you contributed to other candidates/parties/PACs in the past? If so, who and how much?


Have you ever run for office before?



Have you served in the military? If so, were you honorably discharged? Will you release your military records?

I’ve never served in the military but my dad was in the Air Force and my late husband was in the Army and served in Vietnam

Are you a member of any boards of trustees?

I serve on the Amphi Foundation

What is your education background?

Do you have any other professional training?

Graduated high and 2 years of college

What is your employment history? Where have you worked? For how long?

In July 2013 I retired after working for the Arizona Legislature for over 30 years. The last 26 years I was the Legislative Coordinator for the Southern Arizona Office of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Have you ever been terminated from a job? Have you ever had any disciplinary action taken at your place of employment?


Have you ever been the subject of a formal complaint submitted to your employer?


Have you lobbied before any state or local governmental agency within the past five years?


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