Why are you running for office?

To bring sensible, responsible, conservative leadership to the Arizona Legislature.

What do you think are your main qualifications to serve in a public office?

An entrepreneur and small-business owner, I am a job creator and will leverage that experience to improve our economy. I have experience as an elected official and public policy maker, and I possess the leadership skills and personality to be an effective representative of the people of Legislative Direct 11 at the Capitol. I will study the issues with an open mind, think independently, collaborate with others and focus on results. I will communicate with, and be accountable to, my constituents, and I will prioritize good public policy above politics.

What are your objections to your opponent?

My opponent’s strategies for addressing the critical issues facing our district and state have proven ineffective.

What are the most important problems facing the district/town right now? What would you do about trying to solve them?

We need to secure the border, protect taxpayers, support veterans, increase job opportunities and improve education.

Who is supporting your candidacy?

Our support includes Governor Jan Brewer and thousands of future constituents who want to have better representation in the Legislature. We are also endorsed by various business, public safety, healthcare and educational organizations, including the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs, Tucson Metro Chamber, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Technology Council, Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association, Arizona Nurses Association, Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, and Arizona Academy of Family Physicians. 

Will you run a negative campaign?

No. Steve Smith is a friend, and, however prevalent in politics today, no one deserves personal attacks. The race should be about the issues and each candidates’ ability to positively affect change for his constituents.

How much of your own money will be spent on the campaign?

To be determined.

What experience have you had that qualifies you to become an officeholder?

My applicable experience includes business creator, business owner, newspaper publisher, school board president, parks and rec committee chairman, Flinn-Brown Fellow, Project CENTRL graduate, Valley Leadership graduate and City of Maricopa Civic Leadership Academy graduate.


What will your first action be once elected?

Listen. I will listen to and learn from my constituents, colleagues and other stakeholders. In addition, I will seek a committee assignment where I can be most effective for the constituents of my district.

How do you describe yourself philosophically?

I’m a conservative Republican who will put good public policy above politics. My actions and votes will be founded in the principles of low taxes, limited government and personal responsibility, and I will work to advance my constituents’ lives and communities, not an ideology.

Do you support drug testing of employees by businesses?

I believe in free markets and limited government; government should not prevent private business from drug-testing its employees.

Should the government provide money to private businesses in order to improve the economy?

I believe we’d be better off if government did not try to manipulate the market at all, but investing in the private sector would yield a much greater return than investing in the public sector.

What are your feelings regarding the Second Amendment and gun laws?

I am a staunch supporter of our right to bear arms and all other rights granted in our Constitution.

How do you feel about background checks, and increasing requirements to buy a gun?

The government’s primary responsibility is to keep its citizenry safe, and I support legislation that prevents felons, illegal aliens and people with certain serious mental disorders from acquiring guns.

What should be done to address the issues involving mental health and gun laws that have resulted in mass shootings in California and Tucson for example?

The government’s primary responsibility is to keep its citizenry safe, and I support legislation that prevents felons, illegal aliens and people with certain serious mental disorders from acquiring guns.

How do you feel about campaign finance reform?

We must create an environment in which high-caliber candidates are motivated to run for office. I believe in transparency where contributions to a campaign and lobbyist activity are reported in a timely fashion. I oppose taxpayer money being used to fund political campaigns. As with any potential legislation, I will engage stakeholders on all sides of the issue and make fact-based decisions that are in the best interest of my constituents.

What will you do to bring jobs to your district?

I will work to improve education and workforce development; be more “business friendly,” including eliminate/prevent unnecessary regulation; invest in business creation, expansion, relocation and retention; and take advantage of global trade opportunities.

What is your opinion regarding health care in the state?

We need to provide excellent care for our veterans, adequate care for our indigent and market-driven access to cost-effective care for everyone else.

What should be done about the immigration issue?

First and foremost, we must secure the border. We should also decrease the incentive of illegal immigration by enforcing our laws and ensuring illegal immigrants aren’t rewarded with special benefits afforded our legal, taxpaying residents.

Do you support term limits?

I support limiting the time legislators can serve to ensure we are, as the authors of our constitution envisioned, citizen legislators, not career politicians.

What are you feelings regarding the issue of abortion?

I oppose abortion.

How do you feel about same sex marriages?

I oppose same-sex marriage.

What are your views on public education / private schools / homeschooling?

I believe in school choice, and I believe we must adequately fund our public schools.

What can be done to improve the quality of education in your district?

We can fight federal intrusion into our local schools; continue Arizona’s leadership in school choice; increase local control; decrease regulation, especially federal mandates; leverage best practices for all schools, recognizing we’re all on the same team, and fight together to improve education, not against each other; improve (relevant) student achievement; encourage entrepreneurial culture; reward good teachers; and invest more money in the classrooms.

Do you favor/oppose placing a cap on the amount property taxes could be raised in a year? If so, what should the cap be?

I believe is less regulation, limited government and the Constitutional right for voters to tax themselves.


Have you ever been arrested? If so, what was the charge? Were you convicted?


Have you ever been the subject of a formal complaint submitted to a law enforcement agency?


Have you ever sued another person or business entity? If so, why? What was the outcome of the case?

Yes. I was defrauded of down payment on condominium purchase. I received a settlement.

Have you ever been subjected to a lawsuit? If so, why? What was the outcome of the case?


Have you been divorced?



Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy?


Have you ever been an owner or partner in a business that filed for bankrupcy?


Have you ever been involved in a foreclosure or been evicted?


If asked, will you release your personal tax returns?



Have you worked, or volunteered, for any candidates or campaigns?


Note: As a member of the media, I’ve tried to maintain neutrality.

Have you ever publicly endorsed any candidate for party or public office?


Note: As a member of the media, I’ve tried to maintain neutrality.

Have you contributed to other candidates/parties/PACs in the past? If so, who and how much?

Yes, I’ve attended the occasional political event, but my contributions have been negligible.

Note: As a member of the media, I’ve tried to maintain neutrality.

Have you ever run for office before?

Yes. I was elected to the Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board in 2010.


Have you served in the military? If so, were you honorably discharged? Will you release your military records?


Are you a member of any boards of trustees?


What is your education background? Do you have any other professional training?

I have a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. I’ve received a real estate license, which is currently inactive.

What is your employment history? Where have you worked? For how long?

InMaricopa, 2004-Present

Outside the Box Marketing, 2000-Present

Maricopa County Sports Commission, 1996-2000

Super Bowl XXX Host Committee, 1995-96

Have you ever been terminated from a job? Have you ever had any disciplinary action taken at your place of employment?


Have you ever been the subject of a formal complaint submitted to your employer?


Have you lobbied before any state or local governmental agency within the past five years?


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