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Your home may be your castle, but it can also be your money pit if you’re not careful. Between home repairs and the rising cost of fuel, food, and electricity, many Americans are feeling the pinch. 

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July is National Baked Bean Month. You can celebrate by baking some beans to enjoy with your hot dogs (it’s National Hot Dog Month, too) or you can celebrate by planting some beans now to bake later. 

From flooring and cabinetry to moulding and furniture, American hardwoods have been treasured for generations, and for good reason. They offer warmth, durability, luxury and design options that are unmatched by faux-wood products such as laminates and bamboo.

Pastels are so right in spring wardrobes, but they’re not when it comes to salads. To get the most nutrients in your salad bowl, health experts say you should opt for darker-colored ingredients.

Now that spring is here, many homeowners are thinking about remodeling projects that will improve the home this season and year-round. Whether you’re planning a few do-it-yourself improvements or a major renovation, it’s important to think “green.” One way to enhance the beauty and comfort o…

Feeling run down? Maybe it’s time you changed your oil.

There’s little argument that the latest gas/electric hybrid-powered vehicles are among the most environmentally benign models on the road, combining admirable fuel economy with ultra-low-emission powertrains. Hybrids like the 51/48 mpg Toyota Prius and the 43/40 mpg Honda Civic Hybrid are th…

When Tony Vaccaro looks into the future, he likes what he sees. In seven years, his electricity bill will read $0.