Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds make the Change-Up worth the cost of admission

In a summer full of smash hits like Bridesmaids and Horrible Bosses, the Change-Up holds up only because of the chemistry between Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds.

Bateman, coming off the Box Office smash Horrible Bosses, and Reynolds, coming off the Box Office flop Green Lantern, team up in the ever-so predictable comedy of changing places.

The reality of the movie is it the R-rate version of Freaky Friday, and the plot line has been overdone. But, Reynolds and Bateman make it worth the cost of admission.

Reynolds plays the crude friend, Mitch, who is just getting by and doesn’t appear to mind. Bateman is Dave the straight-and-narrow lawyer, dad and husband who is constantly striving to earn and gain more.

After an evening of drinking and baseball, the two talk get personal about how tough life is, and then while peeing in a fountain, somehow a wish to change places comes true.

There are a lot of moments of been there done that, moments of humor that are quickly replaced by those meaningful moments that sometimes drag on a little too much.

The movie can be crude. As Reynolds and Bateman stressed during a Today Show interview, it barely falls into the R rating. Bateman stressed it is a capital R because of all the adult humor.

However, some of that adult humor at times stretches the limits, and it almost seems as though the director is just trying to keep the story going by throwing in another crude moment.

The main problem with the movie is the flow. It will be funny one moment, then serious, then back to funny. It doesn’t transition well.

With all that said, not matter what the movie, Bateman and Reynolds are two funny guys, and can make an overdone plot, and a mediocre script work.

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