Catfish jumping at Founders' Day
Explorer file photo, Music, floats and more are part of the Marana Founders Day parade, to be held at 9 a.m. Saturday, March 20.

Marana is having its first fishing roundup at the 2010 Founders' Day celebration on Saturday, March 20.

In preparation, 500 catfish are being planted in the Marana Municipal Pool several days before the celebration.

Fish are provided through a grant from Take Me Fishing, a national initiative that encourages youth participation in recreational boating and fishing.

At Founders' Day on March 20, children ages 14 and younger will be invited to fish for free. Kids can either take the fish home or release them back into the pool. Volunteers will be on hand to clean the fish for participants who want to take them.

The fishing roundup starts at 11 a.m. and lasts until all the catfish are caught or 4 p.m., whichever happens first.

Children ages 3-6 will "fish" for rubber ducks in the kiddie pool. Their mission will be to cast their lines with wooden rings attached that fit around the ducks' necks. Some rubber ducks also will be marked for prizes.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is overseeing stocking the pool, monitoring water conditions and, if need be, remove remaining fish after the event and stock them in a nearby lake.

Founders' Day celebrates the town's 1977 incorporation. For more information, please visit



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