“My inspiration comes from stories I feel I must tell,” said artist Rachel Manley.

Manley, the featured artist at the Ventana Gallery exhibition opening July 5, will tell a story through her artistic images wrapped up in a strong message about a life-changing event – birth.    

“For each of us, there are just some issues that make us shake our heads in disgust and dismay. Throwing cord blood away is one of those issues for me,” Manley said.

Save the Cord Foundation has partnered with Manley to advance cord blood awareness and education through the Save the Cord Foundation/Birth Art Exhibit. The exhibit features Manley’s work, Birth – her recent Sketchbook series and several of her original pieces. A portion of the proceeds from art and book sales will benefit the foundation.  

“I am working with them to build a strong educational campaign centered around their message and using my art as a key communication tool,” Manley said. “Imagery is vital to good communication. Thus, art is vital to the Save the Cord Foundation’s mission.”

Save the Cord Foundation founders Charis Ober and Anne Sarabia educate people on how cord blood is being used to treat and cure nearly 70 life-threatening diseases, like cancer, without controversial, unethical, political or religious issues involved, and neither mother or child are harmed.

“Birth speaks to everyone who sees it, grabbing hold of their imagination with bright colors and bold images! We want to reach out to expectant parents and the public through this powerful work of art in poster form, to inform expectant parents and the public about the medical, life-saving value of their newborn’s cord blood,” Ober said.

The exhibit will be featured for three months starting Tuesday, July 5, at the Ventana Medical Art Galleries in Tucson. It will be presented by the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance. The artworks will be showcased and sold at the Ventana Gallery, 1910 E. Innovation Park Drive. The public is welcome to browse or buy Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., by appointment, from July 5 to Sept. 27.

The SAACA/Ventana Gallery partnership has developed over the past 12 years resulting in the development of the largest Community Gallery in Southern Arizona.

“This is a true partnership where each party is contributing in numerous ways. We each have our strengths and fortunately they complement each other.  We believe that this partnership is a wonderful way for the arts and science to meet while contributing to the greater good of society,” Manley said.

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