Looking for a better night’s sleep? You may want to rethink your mattress. Most consumers look to replace their mattress every 10 years or so, and a decade’s worth of technology changes can make the prospect of shopping a daunting task. 

Popular technologies include memory foam, latex and air, but traditional spring mattresses shouldn’t conjure up images of sleeping on uncomfortable metal coils. For example, new individually wrapped springs offer comfort and motion separation for couples; when one rolls over, their partner sleeps undisturbed. 

“Getting the right amount of sleep is a necessity, not a luxury,” said Jim Ruehlmann, executive vice president, product development for Simmons Bedding Company. “It’s important to understand new sleep technologies and the benefits they provide to our quality of sleep, and as a result, our health and well-being.”

Here are some shopping tips to help you choose a new mattress:

• Take your spouse. Thirty-eight percent of men say they are unhappy with the mattress chosen by their significant other, according to research carried out by 1-800-Mattress.com. Avoid marital disputes by taking your spouse mattress-shopping with you.

• Consider memory foam. Customers often complain of heat and the quicksand sensation associated with traditional memory foams, but new mattresses and pillows, such as those made with ComforPedic Advanced NXG Memory Foam, help dissipate heat and have quick shape recovery.

• Patience pays. Take the time to comparison shop. And start noting mattress ads in your newspaper before major sales weekends when manufacturers and retailers offer great, cost-saving promotions. If you know the bed you want, chances are, it’ll be on sale soon.

• Get “best-of-both-worlds” support. If you want contouring comfort but aren’t sure about making a complete switch to memory foam, you may want to look at hybrid models, such as the Simmons Beautyrest NXG mattress. Its wrapped springs provide individualized back support and motion separation, while its memory foam technology offers pressure relief, cooling properties and quick recovery as you move throughout the night.

• Compare prices and policies. Stores near each other rarely carry the exact same models, which makes it difficult to compare prices directly. To get a better deal, take note of the mattress you like including the types of foams, coil count, etc., and find a bed of similar construction at another store. Also be sure to ask about returns, testing periods, delivery charges and the cost of hauling away your old bed. 

“Nothing affects your quality of life and health like sleep,” said Ruehlmann. “We should all spend eight or more hours asleep each night, so never settle. Take the

time to find a bed you’re comfortable in.”

For more sleep and shopping tips, visit www.simmons.com and click on sleep tips.

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