Trout stocked in Lemmon lake

Rainbow trout were stocked in Rose Canyon Lake on Mount Lemmon the week of June 14.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department hopes the stocking, accompanied by trout placement in Riggs Flat Lake on Mount Graham, attract anglers into July.

"These are the only two lakes in southeastern Arizona that are stocked with trout in the summertime," said AGFD Regional Supervisor Raul Vega. "All of our stockings are paid for by revenue generated from the sale of fishing licenses. Anglers will need to purchase a trout stamp to fish Riggs Flat and Rose Canyon. Catching a rainbow trout in the cool pine and spruce forests at nearly 10,000 feet elevation or more is well worth the slight extra cost."

A general fishing license and trout stamp may be purchased at Arizona Game and Fish Department offices and online for $36.35 for the first adult, $29 for a legal spouse and $2 per children 14 or older. A family of four may purchase the package for $69.25.

Anglers are encouraged to purchase fishing licenses.

Other lakes in the region offer bass, bluegill, and catfish in the summer. They include Parker Canyon Lake in the Huachuca Mountains, and Patagonia Lake near Patagonia.

Gifts of water requested for homeless, needy

The Salvation Army is running out of water for distribution to the homeless and needy during the summer's heat.

Its Operation Chill Out has been taxed by a "steady barrage of 100-plus degree temperatures. … The Salvation Army is desperately in need of bottled water and summer survival resources for the needy," a release said.

Through Aug. 30, the Salvation Army is collecting emergency donations of bottled water, as well as supplies like hats, sunglasses, sun block and lip balm, at any Naughton's store location. In the Northwest, the business is located at 3940 W. Costco Drive.

Citywide, Walgreen's stores are offering discounted water, and basic food and summer essentials.

"Wwe really need the help of the public at this point," said Tamara McElwee, public information officer for the Salvation Army. "We just don't have enough donations to help everyone who needs it."

For more information, call McElwee at (520) 235-2318.

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