The Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance has launched a new website that delivers a more organized way for the public, businesses, artist and entertainers to access information on partnering opportunities, events and programs, while defining SAACA’s expanding mission and detailing the organization’s objective.  

It also explains the new business-centered arm of SAACA, the Southern Arizona Business Committee for the Arts. The local affiliate program is an arm of Americans for the Arts National Business Committee for the Arts, which provides opportunities for individuals and businesses to leverage art as a tool for economic and community development. SABCA executes of series of programs that build a missing link in Southern Arizona between the business sector to the arts and economic development.

“We needed a program to better package what we did as a progressive arts organization to explain to the public why we do what we do,” said SAACA Executive Director Kate Marquez. “We achieved that explanation through SABCA, which creates a platform for business partnerships through community art initiatives.”

The committee makes the arts accessible to everyone, while strengthening community and culture. SABCA does this through partnerships with a variety of institutions — from leading corporations and small non-profits to government and schools.

SABCA also works with members to provide significant and concrete benefits to company employees and corporate image. Employees enjoy special opportunities to attend arts and cultural performances and behind-the-scene events free of charge, businesses receive a positive community image and advantageous marketing benefits, and citizens feel an enriched sense of culture as a product of these relationships.

To set up a meeting with SAACA staff and learn how businesses may benefit from the program, e-mail For more information, visit or call 797-3959.

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