Shelley Whitlatch has been named health promotion coordinator for Pima Council on Aging, the nonprofit area agency on aging for Pima County’s older residents and their caregivers.

Active in Tucson’s health and wellness community for more than 25 years, Whitlatch is a specialist in exercise and wellness programming for adults 50 and older. She has designed, delivered and managed preventive health classes, including programs for people with diabetes, arthritis, orthopedic problems, heart disease, chronic lung disease and balance challenges, a release said.

Whitlatch graduated from the University of Arizona, where she earned a masters degree in exercise science. She also has been a faculty member at Pima Community College.

Whitlatch’s professional experience also included tenure as cardiac rehabilitation and exercise services manager at Tucson Medical Center, and she is a co-founder of Desert SW Fitness, a training organization for fitness professionals. She is currently the managing owner of The Fit Center, a specialty fitness facility in Tucson that is known for preventive health programming for older adults.

In her role at Pima Council on Aging, Whitlatch oversees the new health program for older adults launched in Tucson last January by PCOA in partnership with the Pima County Health Department, Public Health Nurses, and the city’s parks and recreation department.

Arizona Living Well is made up of three evidence-based health promotion programs, with grant funding from the Arizona Department of Health Services and Division of Aging and Adult Services.

Living Well with Chronic Conditions is a six-week series about self-care for those living with a diagnosed chronic condition, including hypertension, arthritis, heart and lung diseases, stroke and diabetes. Enhance Fitness is a one-hour session presented thrice-weekly by a certified instructor leading low-impact aerobics, strength training, balance and flexibility movements for people able to take the class either standing or seated in a chair. A Matter of Balance is made up of eight consecutive two-hour classes convened over a four-week period by trained leaders to improve strength and build coordination and balance, as well as learn how to conduct a home safety evaluation and get up and down safely.

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